Our Story

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We started Little Bible Box because we love God and discovered that a great way to introduce God’s Word to our children is through free play. 

It all began when we had to babysit a group of rambunctious preschoolers during a care group meeting. 

It was like David vs Goliath. And we were the Goliaths outnumbered by many little Davids. 

It would end in bloodshed. Ours. 

Fighting very tempting thoughts on watching VeggieTales to occupy the kids, we used superhero figurines, wooden blocks and toy animals to play out the story of Noah’s Ark on a whim.  

It was an unexpected success (even with kids the attention span of a goldfish). 

The kids loved it. 

Two years on, they still fondly remembered how Captain America Noah built an Ark to save animals after hearing and obeying God. 

It was a breakthrough for us. 

Having seen how play helped to teach God’s Word, we set out to find more Bible x Play opportunities.

The problem was we couldn’t find any suitable Bible-based materials that promoted creative and sensory play.

Therefore, we decided to create them. And this was how the Little Bible Box was formed. 

We want each Box to bring the joy of play and discovery of God’s Word. 

Each box has been crafted to promote free play, with a guide for those who prefer more structure. 

Every item was thoughtfully curated, and where appropriate, lovingly hand-painted (so please pardon the imperfections!) 

Feel free to use other knickknacks you have - like the superhero figurines (but let the kids know who's the real Superhero in the Bible). 

There’s no correct way to have fun. Use your imagination, be creative, even if you need to watch VeggieTales to supplement the play!

Little Bible Boxers,
Grace and Bryan
November 2020







Bryan and Grace has two children earth-side and one who earned his angel wings. Click on the following links to read their testimony.



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